OBiVoicemail Box

Started by Boykin, March 31, 2015, 12:35:31 PM

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I have bought just about every device OBi sells, so I would like another box to handle voicemail for all of my SPs.  Since there is no MW indicator with GV voicemail, an OBi box that could we could send all voice mail to would be great.  I also use OBiPlus Premium for my home and I would set up my system to send 2 GV lines, another SIP line, and my cell phone line to this voicemail box when I am home so I can see the VM light on my 1032. 


RaspberryPi and Asterisk?


You can't disable Google Voice's own voice mail system, so, if you want an alternative VM system, then don't use Google Voice at all.


I found a solution.  I got a SIP line from a local provider and forwarded my GV number to the SIP line.  I set the auto attendant to answer after 20 seconds to keep GV voicemail from answering and the auto attendant forwards the call to VM for the local SIP if I don't pick up.  This gives me CID and the message waiting light works.