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Author Topic: Can the CallForwardUnconditionalNumber be a variable?  (Read 7217 times)
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« on: June 03, 2011, 05:25:47 am »

Assuming that your OBi110 has:
* SP1 registered to a Google Voice account, number 123-456-7890
* SP2 registered to an Asterisk SIP account, number 8765
* SP2 => CallForwardUnconditionalNumber SP1(8005554321)

This works because ...
When any extension on that Asterisk system dials 8765,
the caller will reach 800-555-4321 via Google Voice.

Currently the number "8005554321" has to be hard-coded
into the "CallForwardUnconditionalNumber" field.

Is it possbile to make this a variable?  Something like ...
 SP2 => CallForwardUnconditionalNumber SP1($USnumber)
 SP2 => CallForwardUnconditionalNumber **1$USnumber
Such that the variable $USnumber is an actual number sent as an argument by Asterisk.

That way the Unconditional Call Forwarding would be done dynamically at the Asterisk level.
(No need to make change to the OBi110 and reboot it everytime.)
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