Create a more robust and versatile WILDCARD capability for TRUSTED CALLERS

Started by joelost, April 13, 2015, 12:48:08 PM

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Sometime I travel to a town in eastern Oregon where there's no cell phone service and
I use Trusted Callers to give me the ability to make LD calls from my hotel room  to
a local phone number that is forwarded to my OBI when I'm traveling.

Some hotels are such that when you call someone the CID can be a range of DID numbers.

How about making it possible to create a trusted caller entry like:

         503-223-24xx    or 503-223-24*
so that any call coming from a hotel PBX that has a range of numbers from
                                      5022232400-2499 will be seen as the same?

It's very annoying and tiring to need to login to  my OBI and enter many trusted caller entries to cover
all the phone numbers that it may see when I'm calling from a hotel's PBX.

Joe F


You can do this by modifying the configuration with OBi Expert.

Assuming you are calling the number defined on SP1, go to:
Voice Services -> SP1 Service
Add the following to the beginning of the X_InboundCallRoute:


Thanks!  I'll try that when I get a chance.

Thanks!   Great!   I'll give it a try.

As a follow up:

I noticed when I do call in to  that SP the call goes out on the Primary/Marked line.

Could I redirect it to go out on a different line.  e.g.

e.g. I have a OBI200   SP1 is GV home, SP2 is GV work, SP3 is the "local number" I'll call from when out of town and so I want the call to go out on SP4 GV  but when at home I want SP1 to be the Primary (default) call out number.

Joe F


I answered your question in the other topic where you asked the same question.
Now that I'm reading it a 2nd time, there might be a better answer.
When you use the Auto Attendant, do you always want it to default to SP4?
If yes, do the following:
Voice Services -> Auto Attendant -> Primary Line: SP4 Service