OBi1032 keeps rebooting and I constantly loose my speed dial settings

Started by aznem, April 24, 2015, 08:54:41 PM

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I bought a new OBi1032 phone about a month ago. It has been great except I notice it is constantly resetting/rebooting, like it does whenever something is changed within the obitalk account. I have had to re-enter my speed dial settings 3 different times now as well (they just disappear from the account like they've never been set). Any idea what is causing this? (I have 6 GV accounts set up and all seem to work okay. I also have it connected wirelessly through an ObiWiFi dongle with full signal strength. I also have the OBiBT but it is disabled at the moment since I can't get it to work with my VoyagerPro headset.) -- Business class website hosting supporting your local community.


I assume that your managing your phone on the ObiTalk dashboard. If so, and you set your speed dials using the local web page from your computer then your speed dial settings will go away. You can not use both methods. It has to be one or the other.
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N7AS is correct. If you setup and configured your device via the OBiTALK portal initially then you need to make any additional changes to the devices configuration via the OBiTALK portal also.

Any changes you make via the OBi1032's local web based GUI or phones keypad will get overwritten by whatever parameter is set in the OBiTALK portal.

As N7AS already stated log in to your OBiTALK portal and make any changes or add any speed dials you want set there. The OBiTALK portal will push a new config to the phone and your done.
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Right. I am doing everything through the obitalk dashboard. I have not tried using the phone interface directly. -- Business class website hosting supporting your local community.