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Started by Giles, May 01, 2015, 10:30:35 AM

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Is it possible to obtain a second (same model) ObiTalk and set it up identical to the current one.  If the current one goes down would it be possible to interchange the bad one for the backup, boot up, and continue as before.  The ObiTalk devices have assigned numbers.  How could this be handled.  It would be a highly desirable capability, especially for larger operations.  I hope it would not require contacting the VOIP and GV, etc.  That would be a real problem for a lot of installations.

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Good point.  I believe the OBiTALK Service number is embedded in the device and cannot be changed and cannot be restored to a replacement device.  This would make recovery problematic for any device configured to use a peer OBiTALK number that is forced to retire.

If so, another reason not to build out your telecommunications solution using the proprietary OBiTALK Service, especially using many such OBi devices.



Quote from: OzarkEdge on May 01, 2015, 01:38:21 PM
I believe the OBiTALK Service number is embedded in the device and cannot be changed and cannot be restored to a replacement device.
Correct, it is generated based on the devices serial number.
For everything VoIP



Yes, I thought that too.

Maybe ObiTalk could take a look at this potential serious problem when an outage occurs.  It would mean additional sales for the ObiTalk and this is not a hit upon their reliability, just built in safety.  At the cost of an ObiTalk it would certainly be a small price to pay for sure backup.

Possibly ObiTalk could develop a symbiotic relationship between two ObiTalk devices to ensure that a smooth exchange could take place in case of an outage such as a lightning strike, electrical problem, etc.  Registering both devices to the same customer with the same service settings could solve this with a bit of computer software involved. As long as only one device of the two were running there would not be any additional unpaid usage.  That way they could be swapped out occasionally to equal the wear and ensure backup. I think this would be a major plus in the VOIP arena and add to ObiTalk's capabilities.



As suggested by OzarkEdge,  do not use Obitalk numbers in the configurations. That should not be a show-stopper. No other vendor's kit uses Obitalk and they appear to facilitate complex set-ups using the standard, non-proprietary protocols which are also in OBi devices.