GV Porting issue - can't receive calls

Started by Zogg, May 07, 2015, 09:04:32 AM

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I really need some help here, please.

A week ago my number port (was with Voipo, ported to AT&T GoPhone, then to Google Voice) was completed. Have been able to make calls from my Obi 202 ever since with the right number, but incoming calls are an issue.

I've received a few calls from a local spam number, that seems to be from an AT&T exchange. All other calls get "the number you have dialed is not in service" or similar message. I do see at least some of the calls show up in the GV Call History, so GV is at least aware of the attempt.

I have used Google Chat/Hangouts to place an outbound call successfully from the computer. I also transferred the number to another Gmail account, as my primary email is through Google Apps and thus has my personal domain rather than @gmail.com. (there have been some limitations with Google Apps email in the past trying to use it with other Google services)

If I look at Settings->Phones, I see 2 items for calls to be forwarded to, Google Chat and my cell phone.

Any suggestions to look at, or is this a GV issue? I have posted on their support forum but none of the real support people will help me.


I added a second Google Voice number as my SP2 number, and it works just fine.  >:(

The Google people seem to reply to a lot of the emails but just ignore mine. Is there a way to get their attention?


Your post is too vague to understand where the problem is at this point in the porting process.  It's possible that your attempt to circumvent the restriction on porting in land lines (VoIP numbers are land lines) caused a problem with your number's routing.  It's also possible that the port is still in some sort of incomplete status.

If you want to troubleshoot this, it's best to eliminate the OBi from the path, and then find where the calls are failing -- either when attempting to connect to your ported-in GV number, or to one of your forwarding destinations.  Remove the check mark next to the Google Chat destination in your GV account settings.  Temporarily set GV to "do not disturb" mode, here:  https://www.google.com/voice#callsettings

Now, you need to call, or have other people call, your ported-in GV number, and write down what happens.  Do the callers get forwarded to your GV number's voice mail greeting, such that they can leave a message?  If so, and you see their calls listed in your GV history tab, here:  https://www.google.com/voice#history then your number is working properly.  You need to test this from multiple carriers (land line and mobile).

If you don't see the inbound calls in History, then you need to clearly post your problem on the Google Voice help forum.  Include  the last 4 digits of your GV number, the date, time and timezone of at least 3-5 failing calls, and the last 4 digits and telephone carrier of the calling party.

You've referred twice to the Google "support people".  There is no direct customer support for Google Voice.  If you post your issue in the Google Voice help forum, one of the Top Contributors (with the green badge) will probably see it and help you, but you need to post a clear, detailed question with samples of failed calls.  The TCs can refer your issue to Google engineering if appropriate.


If I was vague, it was only because I didn't know what additional information was needed to start troubleshooting.

Thanks for your suggestion to enable "Do Not Disturb". I did this and was able to find a few more people on different carriers to try calling.

Calls from T-Mobile and Vonage get through to my VM greeting, and I believe AT&T wireline, but all Verizon, AT&T Wireless, and Sprint fail.

I will repost on the GV forum with more details and see what happens. Thanks again.


Thanks; I assume this is your post over on the GV Forum:


If someone doesn't respond to your post by Monday, let me know here.



I see that my buddy Red is now escalating your issue.  He'll take of you.


It looks like the carrier fixed your issue, so you should be all set now.


Yes, it seems to be working just fine now. Thanks for your help!  ;D