"SP1 Not Configured"

Started by restamp, May 16, 2015, 10:29:15 PM

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I spent most of this evening converting my local phones from an OBi200 to an OBi202.  The 202 had been used to play with GV, but I wanted to make it my primary ATA in order to get access to its 2nd phone jack -- with two jacks, I would no longer need to have both the 202 and the 200 in service simultaneously and the latter could be repurposed to be my travel ATA and home backup device.  Starting from ground zero proved to be an interesting (re)learning experience.  When I deleted the 202 from the Portal, it not only removed everything I had put on it earlier via the OBiTalk Portal (expected), but reset the 202 from bridged back to router mode, producing the cryptic message "The requested URL was not found!" when I tried to access the built-in webserver.  This was unexpected and caused a bit of head scratching.  However, I finally figured it out.

Anyway, I then re-added the 202 to the Portal and proceeded to configure it from the Portal via the Expert menu.  It took a while, but I've finally got everything set up the way I wanted it, including GV (on SP4).  However, I noticed when I got done that SP1 - SP3 were still marked "Not Configured" on the Portal.  They are configured and working fine on the device and I presume this is related to the fact that I set them up using the Expert Configuration menu instead of the expected way.

Is there a way to tell the Portal that these trunks are indeed configured and in use so that it doesn't try to use them for something else later?

Also, the Phone Port Configuration Summary is all wrong:  It still reflects the set up done by the Portal when I registered my GV number, but afterwards I went in and changed the Primary Lines and some other things.  Should I just leave these as is or will the Portal eventually try to change everything back to the way it thinks it should be?

What happens if I turn off autoprovisioning (at least OBiTalk), but leave the device registered?  Can I just turn it on, make a change through the Portal, and turn it off again?

One more question -- a repeat of something I asked earlier and never got an answer to:  What is the significance of the '*' beside some of the check boxes for "OBiTalk Settings"?

Enough questions for now.  TIA