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As of March 10th, 2021, sign-ups and renewals for OBiEXTRAs are closed to new and existing customers. If you have an active 1-year or 2-year OBiEXTRAs subscription, you will be refunded in-full. For questions, please contact, be sure to include your OBiTALK Sign-In email and your 9-digit OBi No. for reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the OBi and how does it work?
The OBi provides its users with control and convenience by combining a broadband Internet connection with VoIP from the comfort of a regular home phone. If required, a land line connection to a local telephone company, a mobile telephone service provider or an Internet phone service can be used to realize big savings on phone calls when compared against the likes of a traditional telco or cable company based voice service. The power of using an OBi becomes crystal clear when a commercial VoIP service (or two) is added to the OBi. There are an abundance of VoIP services available which allow Bring Your Own Device or BYOD service models. The OBiTALK web portal makes it easy to set-up the service and start using it to make and receive calls on the phone attached to the OBi.Click here to watch a video and learn more.

About the OBi

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