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December 18th, 2021
*** Important notice to OBiTALK customers***
Summary: OBi200, OBi202 and OBi212 have entered the End of Life phase please click here for important information and key milestones:

Frequently Asked Questions

I can receive incoming calls but I can’t make outgoing calls
  1. I make a call and I hear a busy tone:

    Please check to make sure your phone handset is set to “TOUCH TONE” dialing, not “pulse” dialing.
  2. I make a call and I hear a lady’s voice “we could not complete your call”

    Please make sure you are dialing all 11 digits US/Canada number including the area code 1-888-555-1212, not just 555-1212

    If you wish to make a 7 digit local calling without dialing the area code, go to and on your SP Google Voice configuration, enter your 3 digit area code, and hit “save”

Google Voice on the OBi

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