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October 10th, 2022 *** Important notice to OBiTALK customers*** Current status and outages can be found here. Information about the EOL support for the OBI200 series of products can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make incoming calls ring on my OBis phone, but also the soft phone or another OBi No.?
1. Go to -> click your OBi device -> Enter: OBi Expert Configuration
2. Go to -> Voice Services -> SP1 Service
3. Set X_InboundCallRoute to include your other OBi No.
The value has two settings for those incoming numbers to be picked up by the OBi attendant and others to ring the phone: {ph}.
If you have a soft phone with OBi No. 290123456 and a 2nd OBi110 with OBi No. 200987654, You can modify the above X_InboundCallRoute to {ph, pp(ob290123456), pp(ob200987654)}. No need to include your 1st device's OBi No.


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