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December 18th, 2021
*** Important notice to OBiTALK customers***
Summary: OBi200, OBi202 and OBi212 have entered the End of Life phase please click here for important information and key milestones:

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the red/green power light indicate?
The OBi is not powering on. Try another power cable. If it still does not power on, please click here to send us a support ticket
Solid Green
The OBi is powered on and in contact with the server. Any phone call issues can likely be resolved by configuring the device.
Blinking Green
If the power LED is blinking green, that means OBi can't get an IP from your router. Verify if that the Ethernet cable is securely connected, and that you see a link light on the router port where your OBi connects.
Click here for further recovery instructions
Alternating Red/Green
A unit with red/green alternate flashing means that there was a power loss in the midst of a firmware update of the OBi. It is possible to recover the OBi. Try power cycling the OBi, first. If the light is still alternating, you will need to reinstall your firmware.
Click here for further recovery instructions
Solid Red
First try power cycling the OBi. If the light is still red, try using an alternate power cord for your OBi. If you are still having issues your OBi will need to be reset.
Click here for further recovery instructions


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