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Notice to Google Voice users: Google is updating their security protocols that requires a firmware upgrade on your OBi device. In order for you to keep using the service, we will perform a system-wide firmware upgrade to all online devices registered to Google Voice at Thursday 8/5/2021 5:00pm PDT. Please keep your devices online so it can be part of the scheduled upgrade. For the devices that are not online during the upgrade, you will need to manually update the firmware. To do so, please refer to instructions on how to upgrade your firmware to the latest version. You may also start upgrading your firmware before the scheduled upgrade mentioned. Thank you for your cooperation -Team OBiTALK

Obihai Technology's New Phone Adapter
Hits VoIP Sweet Spot & More

The OBi202 2-port VoIP phone adapter with router supports up to 4 VoIP services, including Google Voice™ with network and application extensibility via integrated USB port.

CAMPBELL — 18 April 2012— Obihai, the customer-top-rated manufacturer of VoIP phone adapters for SIP and Google Voice™, has just released the OBi202 two-port VoIP telephone adapter with integrated router and USB port. The OBi202 is for sale now at and available to service providers for mass-deployment. With the previously announced End-of-Sale for the Cisco-Linksys SPA2102 and PAP2T, the OBi202 is well-equipped to replace these highly-regarded ATAs for both value added reseller (VAR) and service provider deployments.

The OBi202 is targeted at Internet phone service providers world-wide, as well as power-users of Google Voice™ and literally hundreds of Bring Your Own Device SIP services. The OBi202's innovation and sophistication in the areas of speech technology, voice traffic prioritization, call management and ease of set-up are catalysts that will ignite excitement among consumer and small business users who want the best product for their VoIP communication needs.

“We are extremely excited to bring the OBi202 to market and support all the customers using the device,” said Jan Fandrianto, President and CEO of Obihai Technology, and inventor of the first VoIP phone adapter. 

“Home and small businesses users of the OBi202 will be impressed with its innovative features, attractive design, excellent voice quality and reliability.  Also, with the soon-to-be available OBiWiFi Wireless Adapter, the OBi202 can be used anywhere within range of a wireless access point.  This will extend the versatility OBi202 well-beyond anything we have seen before,” Fandrianto said.

Pricing & Availability

The OBi202 is priced at $99.99 and is available today at Amazon, for a promotional price of $74.99 with free shipping.  Over the next few months, more stores and on-line merchants are expected to carry the OBi202. Resellers and service providers should contact Obihai directly at: for information on sourcing and deployment of the OBi202. The OBiWiFi Wireless Adapter is available at for $25.00 with free shipping. Click here to purchase.

OBi202 Highlights:

Available at Click here to visit the Obihai storefront.
Please contact to contact Obihai about becoming a partner service provider or reseller.
A comprehensive OBi202 technical data sheet is available:Click Here.

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