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Notice to Google Voice users: Google is updating their security protocols that requires a firmware upgrade on your OBi device. In order for you to keep using the service, we will perform a system-wide firmware upgrade to all online devices registered to Google Voice at Thursday 8/5/2021 5:00pm PDT. Please keep your devices online so it can be part of the scheduled upgrade. For the devices that are not online during the upgrade, you will need to manually update the firmware. To do so, please refer to instructions on how to upgrade your firmware to the latest version. You may also start upgrading your firmware before the scheduled upgrade mentioned. Thank you for your cooperation -Team OBiTALK


Super-Charge Your Phone
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What is OBiEXTRAs?

Super-charge your OBi200, OBi202, OBi1022, OBi1032 or OBi1062 device into the most advanced multi-service, service-agnostic VoIP device available today! Gain access to premium features such as OBi Voice Command, Custom Call Blocking, Caller ID Name & Number, OBiFAX, Alarm Monitor and Nest Integration.

OBiEXTRAs makes your OBi device the most powerful home and small business phone solution a smart VoIP user can buy.

Call My Contacts - Dial *

Call people in your Google Contacts directory by saying their name. Just press your phone’s star button (*) and speak the name of the person you want to call. OBiEXTRAs OBi Voice Command will match what you say with your Google Contacts and –when you confirm the match –automatically dial the number.

Business 411 Connect - Dial **

Just dial the star button two times (**) and say the name and approximate location of the business. E.g. ‘True Value Hardware on Main Street.’ The OBi will provide relevant options from which you can choose and automatically call to the listing you choose.

Custom Call Blocking - Dial *86

Stop nuisance calls in their tracks with OBi Custom Call Blocking. You can enter numbers for callers who you know in advance you do not want to receive calls from, or after you hang-up with the unwanted caller , just dial star 86 (*86) to automatically place that number in the Blocked Callers list.

Caller ID Name with Number

When you integrate Google Contacts with your OBi device, incoming calls from people in your Google Contacts directory will show their name and number on your phone’s display.


Getting a fax sent to your email address is easy with OBiFAX. Just select a service to use as your OBiFAX service and tell people to send faxes to the number associated with that service. When a fax is sent, you will receive an email from OBiFAX with the actual fax as a PDF attachment.

Alarm Monitor

Your OBi can help you monitor your security system status and notify you of alarms by sending email and text messages from OBiTALK.

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