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Notice to Google Voice users: Google is updating their security protocols that requires a firmware upgrade on your OBi device. In order for you to keep using the service, we will perform a system-wide firmware upgrade to all online devices registered to Google Voice at Thursday 8/5/2021 5:00pm PDT. Please keep your devices online so it can be part of the scheduled upgrade. For the devices that are not online during the upgrade, you will need to manually update the firmware. To do so, please refer to instructions on how to upgrade your firmware to the latest version. You may also start upgrading your firmware before the scheduled upgrade mentioned. Thank you for your cooperation -Team OBiTALK

Make Calls Through an OBi via a Web Browser

From anywhere in the world, when logged in to your OBiTALK account using the Chrome or Firefox web browsers you can make calls to any number through your OBi device. Since the phone numbers you dial will be routed through your OBi, the people you call will see the Caller ID of your regular VoIP number.

Make a call in just a few easy steps:
  1. Log in to your OBiTALK account.
  2. Select the ‘Call OBi’ Button on the top left column.
  3. Click on Call and allow OBiTALK to access your microphone.
Call OBi Example
Here are a few troubleshooting steps if you are not able to make a call:
  1. Make sure you are using Chrome or Firefox browser.
  2. Make sure you allow Microphone access.
  3. Make sure you have selected your OBi device as the Voice Gateway under Softphone. Click on “Show all” If you don’t see Softphone on our Dashboard.

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