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Can't call out after new firmware pushed to 2 OBi 200s

Started by Taoman, July 02, 2018, 05:33:31 PM

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Ok, the third option on 5897EX does NOT work.  I did, however, find the 5859EX Firmware, and was able to use it.

with my Wife's account configured and using XMPP on 5897EX, downgraded to 5859EX, and it converted my wife's account to SIP and then force upgraded back to 5897EX.

Interestingly, deleting all accounts on 5897EX and re-adding my account BREAKS my account.

Had to make a couple of passes via 5859EX.

I believe(!) it now works.


Ok, the SIP device shows up on my WIfe's account, *BUT* the call is *STILL* not forwarded to the OBI.

I suspect my Wife's account needs some hands-on by someone at GOOG.



we'll see if we get the WiFi beta notification.

Does anyone have a clue how to get someone(TM) from Google to talk to me?


Quote from: lrosenman on July 03, 2018, 02:04:51 PM
Does anyone have a clue how to get someone(TM) from Google to talk to me?
You don't.  You can post over in the Google Voice forums.  There is no direct support for normal people.

btw, be sure to go into your Wife's GV account and make sure that the Obitalk device is to receive incoming calls (GV -> Settings -> Calls -> Incoming; for the legacy GV, it is Settings/Phones/Forwarding as I recall).



To close this out, SteveInWa (AKA Bluescat on the GV forums) suggested I ping-pong the problem number between Google accounts as a test.

It seems to have fixed the number on the original account now.

Just another tool to add to the arsenal.

This was ALSO while PolyCom was ping-ponging firmware releases, but the GV# ping-pong is what seems to have fixed it.