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Callcentric Voicemail Access Number conflict with Obi commands?

Started by bookemdano, January 30, 2011, 08:21:43 AM

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I just set up my Obi110 with Callcentric as my primary line. Previously I had it configured with a PAP2T and it was working perfectly there.

I used the ObiTalk portal to set up all the Callcentric info on my Obi110 (setting Callcentric as the primary line).

It seemed to provision properly, and I can make and receive calls.

But with Callcentric, in order to retrieve voicemail you are supposed to dial either *123 or *86. It appears these both conflict with the Obi, as *86 gives me a fast busy and as soon as I hit *1 (without even getting to the 23) I get a SIT beep and a message that *1 is not valid.

Dialing my own number seems to work for voicemail access, but it makes VM retrieval slower. I wonder if this can be worked around with dial plans? Or does the Obi permanently take over any time a leading * is dialed? I think I remember reading on Michigantel's blog that in order to mess with dial plans I need to discontinue using the ObiTalk portal and disable its ability to re-provision my device.

As an aside, I think that is probably something Obi should point out to users who are using the ObiTalk portal to provision their device. Callcentric's help site mentions nothing about dialing your own number to access your voicemail--they only provide the two * codes for VM retrieval. Maybe just a message on the service selection screen (where the user chooses Callcentric) that in order to retrieve VM on an Obi they need to dial their own DID number instead of the usual Callcentric VM access codes.

I fully admit I'm pretty green on this stuff, so if anyone knows an easy way for me to resolve this I'd greatly appreciate it.




Other people had same issue with *75. You can change your *86 code as per the instructions in that thread. That will fix your problem.

For your solution read this thread.

OBiTALK Community > General Support > Installation and Set-Up (Devices) > Dialing *75 from your OBi, speed dial entry in phone book
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Thanks. I had to remove the auto-provisioning from my device and then edit the star codes and dial plan as that thread indicated. Then *86 worked.

Just as a suggestion to the Obi folks though, maybe they could set up their ObiTalk portal to remap these things automatically when a provider with a conflict (e.g. and callcentric) is chosen. If the whole point of configuring via the portal is to dumb things down and make the process easy for non-experts, it defeats the purpose if the person has to jump through a bunch of hoops in order to get something as fundamental as voicemail working.

I'm not trying to be critical at all... I know this product is just in its beginning stages and quite frankly I think it's awesome what Obi has been able to build into an ATA. Just more of a suggestion that if you're going to provide a wizard to configure the popular VOIP providers that you may want to at least make the end user aware of what won't work by default and maybe provide either a detailed how-to with screenshots or just devise a wizard to make the necessary changes.

Anyway, thanks again for the tip. Everything's working great now.