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Title: Latest Firmware Updates for OBi Devices
Post by: ShermanObi on September 17, 2010, 01:14:26 pm
Stay current with up-to-date firmware and keep your OBi running smoothly with the latest features.

NOTICE TO SERVICE PROVIDERS AND SYSTEM INTEGRATORS: The firmware versions below are only for use by OBiTALK retail/BYOD customers.  For the latest firmware and release notes targeted to service providers and system integrators, please sign-in to your OBiTALK Device Management Platform ( (DMP) account, then head over to the Firmware section on the portal.

You have three options to choose from to update your OBi's firmware:

Options 1 & 2 - Automated Update:
1.  Devices that have been added to OBiTALK will see an associated yellow triangle ( which can be selected to invoke an automated update process.

2.  Devices may be updated via the touch-tone phone attached to the OBi or the IP phone dial pad.  Dial *** 6 and confirm the update (if available).

Option 3 - Manual Update:

3.  Download the latest firmware for your device from the link below and follow the instructions to manually update your OBi using a web browser opened to the OBi device's local management web page.

( & OBi110 Universal Adapters (EOL):

1-3-0-2886 (2.1MB)
Last Update May 2016.

OBi2 & OBi3 Series Universal Adapters:

OBi200/202/300/302: OBi200/202/300/302 (
Last Update March 2019

OBi5vs Series Universal Adapters:

OBi504/508: OBi 5vs Firmware (
Last Update December 2018

( Series IP Phones:

OBi1032/1062: OBi1000 Firmware (

Last Update July 2019

Manual Update Instructions:

1.  Download the above linked file to your computer.

2.  Access the web page of the OBi device (OBi via Internet/WAN Port):
  • From a phone attached to the PHONE port of the OBi dial * * * 1
  • The IP address of the OBi will be read to you
  • Open a new browser window on your PC and enter the IP address of the OBi.
  • When prompted, enter "admin" for username and "admin" for password.  
             If you have previously changed the password, use that instead of "admin."
  • OBi202/OBi302 Note: To access the OBi via the LAN port, by default the LAN port IP (Gateway) address is:
  • OBi202/OBi302 Note: To access the integral web page via the WAN port, you may need to enable WAN access.  To do this, from the connected phone dial ***0.  Next, enter 30# - Press 1 to enter a new value - Press 1# to enable - Press 1 to save.

3.  Now that you have accessed the OBi web page, go to the "System Management" - "Device Update" page.  From there, "Browse" to the firmware file you just downloaded above and click Update.  

4.  Wait for the OBi to restart (approx. 30-60 seconds) and you will be good to go.

Title: Re: Latest Firmware Updates for OBi Devices
Post by: MarkObihai on February 06, 2015, 02:53:18 am
Release Notes:

  • OBi100 and OBi110 ATAs ( September 2014
  • OBi2xx and OBi3xx Universal Adapters ( September 2015
  • OBi5vs Series Universal Adapters ( August 2014
  • OBi1xxx IP Phones ( September 2015

Updated 2nd of September 2015