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OBI202 versus Cisco SPA112 or SPA122

Started by JDDD, June 13, 2015, 10:15:48 AM

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I have a CISCO spa112. The basic function I would like to use is the DIALPLAN to connect to several VoipProviders. Whichever have the best/cheapest connection fees. So basically on the phone numers used I would like to connect to VoipProv1 or Prov2 or 3.

Cisco spa112 is not working for this solution.

Is this possible with the Obi202.  Does anybody use this feature ??  If yes, please give also your remarks (positive or negative).
No OBI equipment yet, but trying to buy obi202.


This can be done on the OBIHAI hardware. :)

You could have all 01/02/03 numbers go out over SP1 (Sipgate) yet have all 07 mobile numbers go out over SP2 (Voipfone) etc.
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yes, I read the manual.  But this was mentioned in the manual of the Cisco spa112 as well. But in the end, it did not work.

Did you used it, with at least more then 1 provider ??
No OBI equipment yet, but trying to buy obi202.


I just added {(07xx.):SP2} to my OutboundCallRoute and made a test call - worked just fine.

The above rule forces all UK mobile phone numbers out over SP2, in my case Sipgate.
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Yes this functionality works fine with Obi devices.  A 202 can selectively send calls to one of at least 4 ITSPs.  Even more are possible if some permit calling without registration.

The selectivity can be very fine grained even to the extent of picking out individual phone numbers.


The OBI202 has a lot of config items.  And it works with 4 SIP providers at the same time.


Super Device.   Superior to the SPA versions.

No OBI equipment yet, but trying to buy obi202.


Quote from: JDDD on June 29, 2015, 05:53:18 AM
...  Superior to the SPA versions. ....
As I recall, (some of) the founders of Obihai were originally part of the team that were involved with what was sold as the Cisco solutions in these markets.

They took their knowledge and experience and tried to make an "improved" solution in the markets they both have offerings in.  But the heritage can still be seen in certain areas.


And the heritage of linksys helps to make the device easy to understand. Still a lotttttttttttttttt of options to discover.
Main thing is:  the device does its job, like I wanted.

Very nice feature is the user digitmaps. These makes the device extra preferable.

Obihai could sell more of these devices in NL, because everybody has internet, calls are still very expensive. With Voip providers it will be less expensive. And the call routing part is the best option for this.

I enjoy my OBI202.  (only problem, it's a SPOF now  ;) )
No OBI equipment yet, but trying to buy obi202.