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Google Voice Area Code Question

Started by Traditions, February 03, 2011, 01:15:16 PM

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It appears that when I make an outbound call with an Obi110 configured for Google Voice, I always have to dial the area code and number (or 1-area code-number).  Is there any way that I can configure the Obi110 so I can just dial the local 7 digit number.

Another related question:  I can't get a Google Voice number with my local area code.  Is there a way that I can configure the Obi110 so that when I dial a local 7 digit number, it actually dials a google voice number with my local area code + the 7 digit number?


This is what you are looking for. Have a look here:

OBiTALK Community > General Support > Installation and Set-Up (Devices) > Google Voice, 7 Digit Dialing Plan?

Seems like a common question. Might be a topic for a sticky.
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We are enhancing the Configuration wizard and OBiTALK to have this 7 digit dial option.  It's coming soon.