Getting to work on ObiHai

Started by Kamaaina, June 20, 2011, 08:24:59 PM

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Has anyone gotten to work on the Obi yet? I keep getting error messages. First, it was saying something useless, now the error is "registration failed, no response from server", so I guess I am getting somewhere (I changed some port settings in expert mode). Google Voice works fine on SP1.

The reason I went this route is I already have two SIP accounts running in the network ( and, one on a Handytone 496 and one on a Linksys RTP300 with modified firmware. These are running on ports 5060-5064. Which port settings to I need to change on the OBI? Can I set every port entry to say 5068 and then it should work or do I need different ports for incoming/outgoing?


RonR works fine on the OBi (I tested it just yesterday).

See this post for setting up SIP providers on the OBi:


Thanks, I think I was missing the STUN settings in expert mode (see attached), at least it says "registered" now. I will do some testing the next few days.