voice guidance for Obi 1000 IP phones

Started by derekr, December 18, 2015, 12:45:56 AM

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I'm a blind user of a 1062. I love the phone. It has very good audio quality, nice codecs, and many features you won't find in other, more expensive solutions. But many of those features don't have spoken UI elements. While basic features of the phone are usable enough, a blind user cannot access any of the GUI configuration menus, the contact list or any of the other builtin or fetched XML apps. While some things are changeable via the webserver, there are several items one would need to know the value for in order to change them. As an example, you can change the default ringtone from a menu in preferences, but the webserver requires a typed path to a file. Getting to the webserver would also require having first connected to WiFi or ethernet. Ethernet is doable, but why do that when there's a menu? (I also tried *27 as advertised in the admin guide, this apparently doesn't work for builtin WiFi, neither does *28 for bluetooth.)
This wouldn't be too much to implement. The phone is certainly capable (look at *** for an example). Ideally there would be some key sequence to enable the feature, which would persist accross device reboots and be toggleable from the menu or webserver if enabled by mistake.

What think y'all?