FW Update on Obi200?

Started by emmiebee, June 20, 2017, 03:08:38 PM

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I was in the middle of a phone conversation when the line went dead. I looked over at the Obi and the power light was blinking red. I checked the syslog and saw this:
<7> SLIC: HVIC Power Alarm received (2) !!!
<7> SLIC: Thermal Alarm received !!!
<7> SLIC: Prepare to reboot due to alarm (1)

I've seen these before in the log and thought, its doing it again. But I read farther down the log:

<150> PROV: Start to download files ...
<7> TCP:Connect OK(HTTP GET)15
<150> PROV: Upgrading F/W 12839816
<150> PROV: Fount New Partition in Package
<150> Same version:  Skipped
<150> PROV: Found OBiFS  in package
<150> Same version:  Skipped
<150> PROV: Found Kernel in package
<150> PROV: Found RootFS in package
<150> PROV: Fount New Partition in Package
<150> Same version:  Skipped
<150> PROV: Found Boot   in package
<150> Same version:  Skipped
<150> PROV: process package (6):
<150> PROV: Update Kernel Now
<150> PROV: Copying from 2bd480 to 50000 for 2505624 bytes!

It then goes through the process of loading the new FW. My question is, why does it do this in the middle of a call? Could it not wait until the phone went on-hook? Or, could I tell the box when to do updates? I then went to the web interface on my Obi200 and the FW version is still what it was before. I went through all the configuration screens I could find that would indicate to me that it had actually changed the FW. What happened?

I'm new to the Obi world and as I said before I've seen these Thermal alarms before. Support has assured me that this is normal (??) This time the alarm was followed by this phantom FW upgrade, that's new. In the past I've had to go through a two step process of power cycling the Obi and getting it to the point where it is alternating Red/Green flashing and then power cycle again and have it come back to normal. This is the first time it 'actually'(?) did a FW upgrade. So, I'm a little apprehensive about what is going on here. Its probably my newbieness showing through but I hoped maybe one of you old-timers might be able to allay my fears that some weirdness is creeping into my little Obi-box.

Thanks. I look forward to getting an education on this stuff. I have and will continue searching through the forums here to see if I can find a nugget of info to explain what's going on.



Sounds like the OBi or its power adapter are bad.  It should NEVER attempt to upgrade firmware when it's on a call.  If it's under warranty, contact Obihai support again, and discuss it in more detail, and persuade them to swap it for you.