is there a device for whole house phone system

Started by Aljf, December 02, 2017, 05:41:12 PM

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I'm a newbie so sorry if this has already been covered. I want to hook a device to the main phone wire that comes out of my comcast router box, since I stopped phone service. This phone wire connects with several phones in the house. I have google voice so want to use an Obi device or something similar for this purpose. There is an ethernet cable at this location so I can use that or wifi for the device to get online.   Any suggestions appreciated.  Thanks ???


Yes.  If the Comcast box has a typical female RJ-11 modular telephone jack, and your home's telephone wiring is connected to the box with a telephone cord, all you need to do is to unplug the cord from the Comcast box and plug it into the telephone jack on the OBi box.  Of course, you also need to connect the OBi to your home's network via an Ethernet cable or optional WiFi dongle (Ethernet is best).  So, you could just place the OBi right next to the Comcast box and plug things in.