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Google Voice: Call My Phone

Started by jbrukardt, August 19, 2011, 07:26:35 PM

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Any way to get this feature to call when I have the same account set up as SP1 on the google talk

Heres the dialog im talking about

I essentially want to "ring" calls from the google voice web page, but have it call my obitalk.  Selecting "call google talk" in the dropdown does not appear to work

Scenario: go to google webpage, click call box, type in a number, select _______ something, click "connect" and have my primary SP1 ring. 


it works fine for me.

What does google voice indicate is happening when you click "connect".

Assuming you have successfully made a test call from your gmail as required, does it work as it google intended, meaning if you have your gmail open does it ring your gmail chat?

If the answer is yes, you should make sure you do not have your gmail open in a browser while receiving calls on the Obi.

Do outgoing calls from the Obi go through SP1 and do they show up in your google voice call history?


aha, thats probably it, im breaking the golden rule of having gchat open in my gmail window while also using the obi :/  I thought that might have been fixed by now

However, calling my gvoice number directly does ring the obi, and not gchat. 

I cant just not use gchat anymore, its as much a mode of communication as gvoice is sadly :(  And yes, i realize I could get a new gvoice number, but thats pretty established as well, i hate to change it. 


Quote from: jbrukardt on August 19, 2011, 08:02:54 PM
However, calling my gvoice number directly does ring the obi, and not gchat. 

Most people report not being able to ring the Obi at all when gmail is open.


Is it just gchat within the gmail window, or do i have to kill it in trillian and other places as well?

edit: just tested though, i can consistently ring the obi with gmail open dialing the number directly, but the gtalk "call me" function doesnt work unless i turn off chat in gmail.

So, yep, problem identified, but it seems to be dependent on the order i login.  If i login to obi first, then into gmail, obi still works.