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GV rings my phone, I answer but sends callers to voicemail most times

Started by saunaman, March 14, 2018, 02:04:41 PM

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Except this functionality worked for something like 5 years.... and then something changed, and now it's stopped working.

(Your post you suggested for me to look at, is in fact where I am the original poster...).

I'm not really certain why you would think this would not work... why would Google Voice have any issue with forwarding calls like that?  

Do you code the platform, that's a very specific claim -- in light of the fact the whole thing has been working for years....  Is there some specific technical document / service statement to support anything like that?


The problem is being caused by trying to forward your PBX inbound calls to the Google Voice number.  That is backwards from the design of Google Voice, which is intended to be the single point of contact number, which then forwards calls to linked destination numbers and/or OBis and to Hangouts.

The fact that it used to work is interesting, but irrelevant.  Google makes changes to their infrastructure on a regular, ongoing basis, and there is no guarantee that an unsupported configuration will continue to work.  In addition, PBX software changes all the time, as do the configurations users make to their PBXs that may or may not work with Google Voice.

No, there is no technical documentation on this.  As I mentioned previously, if you need VoIP trunks, then use a vanilla SIP VoIP service provider, not Google Voice.