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Need Persistent Block of Outgoing Caller ID on Google Voice

Started by glnz6, April 14, 2018, 07:24:00 AM

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Hey Obi - Polycom --

Google Voice does not support persistent blocking of outgoing caller ID.  Google Voice permits me to block only on a per-call basis by starting my call with *67.

This also means that your Star Code *81 does not work.

So - suggestion - come up with something that overrides Google Voice's policy and permits me to persistently block outgoing caller ID.  Maybe your ObiHai box automatically adds *67 at the start of each outgoing call?

Thanks.  Hey - polycom - don't screw it up.


Star Codes aren't required to begin with a star. I defined a star code "1" followed by 10 digits. This star code will set Block CallerID then call the 10 digit number.

Define a Star Code:
1(xxxxxxxxxx), Block Caller ID, set($Bci1,1), call($Code)

Dial 11 digits to block CallerID. Dial 10 Digits to pass CallerID.