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OBI110 and Simonics GV trouble - Unauthorized

Started by TimAtHome, November 10, 2017, 07:16:17 PM

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Thanks for your help. I got it up and running. I had to wipe out the obi from the system and reconnect the obi. Then the directions worked great.
I appreciate your time.


Omg thank you so much for your assistance but now some of my calls are being rejected by the service provide so do you have a solution(s) to this.


Hi, I bought Simonics when first GV/OBI discontinued on OBI110 few months back. It is all working fine since last few weeks. Every now and then I get 'no service configured' message and then I reboot my OBI110 and it starts working again. Any one else having this issue recently? Is this OBI or Simonics? Any fix?


Chiming in here as well with thanks to SteveWA & Bill, my Obi200 lost it's mind apparently and following the full reset instructions fixed the problems

Bizzare that a whole spate of these similar issues have been popping up over the past few months.