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Can I add OBi device remotely?

Started by LeftRight, September 24, 2010, 05:57:25 PM

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Is there a way to add my OBi device to OBiTALK remotely? I know my OBi number, can I add the device without dialing **5...?


To add a device, you need someone to pick up the phone, and dial the **5 + 4 digit number as presented by Obitalk.
So the answer is yes, if you can have "someone" to dial those digits remotely.   And NO, if the device is sitting remotely unattended.

The intent is to add your own device that you have "physical" access to.   The OBi number is not so secret.  Just by knowing your OBi No - you don't want someone else to suddenly "capture and own" it, right?


I think it would be useful to be able to add the obi without having a POTS phone (a problem I'm currently running into).

I have no POTS phone handy to dial the **5 part.  I can go borrow one, but it's an extra step; would be nice if perhaps I could type the **5 somewhere in the local web ui.


you don't need POTS line. As long as your OBI is connected to the internet, you are fine. You just need to connect phone to OBI, and OBI to the router/modem, and modem to the ISP...