Obihai should release GPL-based firmware source

Started by billsimon, July 01, 2018, 02:25:54 PM

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Work done by "naf" and others and documented in a different forum reveals that a large part of Obihai firmware is based on GNU Public Licensed software, including an embedded version of Linux.

GPL terms require GPL-licensed software and derivative works to be made available in source form.

On behalf of the community I therefore request access to code that falls into this category.


Quote from: billsimon on July 01, 2018, 02:25:54 PM
On behalf of the community I therefore request access to code that falls into this category.
Obi should certainly release any appropriate sources.  However, a similar request has been made previously, and AFAIK not responded to.  And Obi's non-compliance has been noted in the past in a few of the usual places (I think I saw it years ago passing through one of the usual lists), along with companies such as ubnt, and tesla (among many many many others).  Some are getting better, some are just getting different.

SInce Polycom seems to have historically released GPL sources, you might actually want to post to their forums (Polycom actually has people participating on (at least some of) their forums, unlike this forum where we have not seen an official response for many years).  TBH, I sort of expected this forum to (somehow) be folded into the Polycom forum(s).  That may, or may not, still be in the plan(s), but for now things are still independent, but Polycom is clearly the corporate overlords that have to make this happen at this point.

If Polycom does not respond, in order to achieve compliance you are likely going to have to be a copyright owner of one/more of the impacted sources, and make a formal (legal) request, which is what I think finally forced the u-boot issue to get resolved for another company.