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obitalk says device is offline

Started by jblah, February 13, 2011, 11:59:17 AM

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Hey Guys,

I updated my firmwire today. The obitalk portal says that my device is offline. However, I'm still able to pick up and talk over the phone. Any suggestions as to why this is occurring? It was fine a few days ago. I'm using firefox..if that makes a difference.

update: my softphone also says that it is offline..but I have not really downloaded one so I would assume that this should be "offline".


We are aware that the status may turn orange even if the device is alive and well.   We are still working on it.

In the mean time, if the status shows green - it is reliably showing it being connected and well.


It is happening to me too - for the first time in the last 10 days. I am pretty sure you might already know of this but the icon on my obitalk webpage says i am offline too. I first noticed it this morning.

thank you,


my icon showed offline for my softphone. I clicked ont icon and opened it. When I closed it it showed online. Probably would have done the same if I had refreshed the page.


The only solution is to stop and login again.

For OBi110 device, it is even worser. I have tried to de-register and then register again for 2 times before it turned green.


Me too. I am able to make OBiTalk calls via the OBi110 via an Asterisk server installed at home.

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I just installed OBi110, it shows it is offline but I am not lucky, it is not working, I get nothing when i dial **999 999 999. it just not working thu all the led is green.


Also seeing offline status on web portal but making and receiving calls like normal.


Ditto.  Mine is working fine but showing off line on the protal.


Me too.  Updated firmware, now portal shows device as offline, but I can make and receive calls.  I'm not positive, but I think that changes made via the portal are not being pushed to the device.


Quote from: joshhighley on April 22, 2011, 07:40:32 AMUpdated firmware, now portal shows device as offline, but I can make and receive calls.

The OBiTALK portal has nothing to do with making and receiving calls.  The OBi is a standalone unit that can communicate with Google Voice, VoIP providers, and your landline telephone company with no outside help.  The OBiTALK portal is simply for configuration, and even that is optional.


Ditto. Everything works, but status says offline.


Is there a way to remotely reboot an Obi110?  I have an Obi at another home which is running fine and able to receive calls but is showing up as offline in the web portal.  I would like to push the firmware update to it but since it does not show up as alive, this is impossible.

Not a big deal, just wondering if there was a way to remotely change its status to active in the web portal.



Since you are the system admin in both homes you could setup your router with port forwarding to each OBI. If you can get to the OBi web page of the unit over the internet, you should be able to reboot it that way. If you have not set this up prior, you may not be able to this at this time. If there is a computer running in the other home you could remote into it and reboot the OBi by going through local web page. This also needs to be setup.

Finally, if there is someone in the house you can ask them to press ***81 to reboot from the attached phone.
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