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Started by ericcarlhartmann, January 29, 2019, 02:47:06 PM

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I lost phone service with no notification and have been advised by Phone Power that they are no longer an approved provider for Obitalk.  I need phone service and I can find no way on your website that can help me and obviously I am unable to call.

If you have a provider that replaces Phone Power please send me the information to contact them.  Maybe they can help me re-establish service since there is no way to communicate with you.


Try this post:

If you have old firmware and Google Voice is on SP1 or SP2 you will have issues. Remove Google Voice and your Phonepower SP should work. I had an older device that would not allow newer firmware to be installed past version
3.1.2 (Build: 5997) this is good for Phonepower but not Google Voice. I had another new Obi200 in a box (my spare over a year old). Took it out hooked it up to Obitalk got Obi-Polycom support via email the found it by its number and pushed a firmware update to it 3.2.2 (Build: 5932EX). Setup Google Voice on SP1 then used post above to setup Phonepower on SP2. It's been stable for 10 days now no issues. This is not for the faint of heart. It was a process hang in there it will work. Contact me via this forum and I'll try to help.