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2 google voice accounts and 2 Phones

Started by maxa, September 22, 2011, 09:54:43 AM

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I have 2 google voice accounts. And 2 phones do I have to get 2 OBI100 or can it be done with OBI110. When I get a GV 1 call i would like it to ring phone 1. And when a call comes in to GV 2 it should ring phone 2. If it can be done with OBI110 can it handle the 2 calls at the same time?


OBi's only support single-line telephones.  If you're already on a call when a second comes in, there is Call Waiting capability.  If you need two totally separate telephones, you will need two OBi's.

For information about configuring two Google Voice accounts on one OBi, see this post:


Thanks Ron, Guess I will go with 2 OBI's. Need to use both lines at the same time.