OBi Talk Dashboard shows Google Voice SP1 Connected, No Incoming Calls

Started by KJObiForum, June 09, 2019, 02:30:09 PM

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I was using Callcentric as my Service provider but switching to native OBI/Google Voice interface.
Got the OBI registered as a device in Google Voice and enabled call forwarding to it.
In Obi Talk Dashboard the OBI is registered and shows Goole Voice as SP1 and status is Connected.
So, all looks OK but I'm not getting any incoming calls on my Obi.
Am I still missing something? Any suggestions - what can I try next?
Apprecitate the help!


P.S: It's an Obi200 with updated fimware.


Figured it out .. or at least got it working.

Deleted the device from Obi dashboard.
Deleted the device from Google Voice.

Re-did the Add Device process and everything works now.

.. when in doubt ... pull the plug and restart!