Recommended digital desk phones for use with OBi202

Started by wspalding, July 12, 2019, 03:15:34 PM

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Under requirements, Quick Start guide says; You will also need:
"One touch tone phone. This can be an analog or digital, corded or cordless phone."
For best sound the impression I get is that a digital phone would be best. My wife is currently using an old analog desk phone and the sound is not very good.
Can anyone recommend good digital disk phones for use with OBi202.  I've not been able to figure out what is analog and what is digital in the office supply stores.  Please forgive my ignorance.


The term "digital" used there is ambiguous. For example, you can plug in a cordless phone base station, and use its handsets.  Cordless phones use DECT, which is a digital wireless protocol, to communicate between the handset(s) and the base station.  But the connection between the base station and the OBi device is an analog telephone line cord.

The other, completely different meaning, is a IP phone.  These phones connect to your home or office network (LAN), instead of to an analog telephone line.

Any modern DECT cordless phone should provide decent sound quality.  I recommend Panasonic models.  If you want a desk phone, then the OBi 2182 IP phone offers very high sound quality, either via its handset or speakerphone.