(PART 2) Managing Your OBi Device Config:OBiTALK or OBi Web Page but NOT Both

Started by QBZappy, October 16, 2011, 06:08:02 PM

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I've mentioned the potential confusion that the OBi expert configuration vs the direct OBi unit config method would have introduced to users of the OBi. Time has proven this statement to be true. It is one of the most reoccurring gotcha when configuring the unit. It is easy to see by scanning the various posts on this forum.

(Part 1)
Managing Your OBi Device Configuration: OBiTALK or OBi Web Page but NOT Both

The OBiTALK servers know at all times the external ip of the unit. Why not exploit this ability to make a direct connection to the OBi unit. This should dramatically reduce the coding effort in maintaining the Expert configuration, eliminate the user confusion, reduce the associated service calls, and offer all the OBi unit web features over the internet. At the moment the Expert config method is lacking some features offered by the unit. Since the only advantage of the Expert config method is to offer remote configuration ability, OBihai will still be able claim this feature.

Since everything is web based it probably could be done transparently by redirecting from the OBiTALK web site to the OBi unit web page. The OBi server can provide the redirection service. Same concept as dyndns. Perhaps offer the user a port number to forward to the unit.

This could be a desirable solution for both Obihai and the Obi users. It would simplify things for everyone.
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