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obitalk randomly down

Started by sylvaing, December 20, 2020, 11:47:48 AM

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Hi, two weekends in a row, when trying to access obitalk (either obinet or the forum), I'm greeted with this message and can't do anything furthe:

** Scheduled Service Maintenance -- Nov 29, 2020 at 9:00am to 10:00am (Pacific)**

OBiTALK( will be upgraded to improve performance.

During this time, the OBiTALK website will not be accessible. This includes logging into your OBiTALK account, adding a new device(s) and configuring your OBi device(s) using the OBiTALK Portal.

Anybody know what's going on? Nov 29th is long gone...


As of 16:00 Pacific time, it's working as expected for me at



Quote from: Quitzon on July 23, 2021, 09:43:36 PM
Quote from: sylvaing on December 20, 2020, 06:36:02 PM
Yes, hence the words 'randomly down'. See this thread on reddit:

Do we really need to register with obitalk to enable Google Voice on these devices?

Yes.  The OBiTALK portal interacts with your Google account to authorize access to the Google Voice service.  This is a one-time procedure.  After you successfully complete this step, there is no further action with the portal when Google Voice is used.