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Can't make or receive calls using GVoice since this morning

Started by ubergoober, May 05, 2018, 02:11:37 PM

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Thank you drgeoff!

Another miracle.  Today it started working again without any intervention.  So far so good (few hours).

I have received a new OBi 200.  Plugged in, followed the "Add Device" and adding GV (for the new number/account I created this week), and bum one shot, everything setup properly, phone status "Connected" making/receiving calls works as normal.  I will keep those two devices in parallel to see whether they will have the same behavior (be both up, or down, but be in the same state).  My take is that those devices maybe the most flaky element in the system, but maybe only when they degrade with age.

I would give 12 stars out of 10 for OBi before they were purchased by Poly.  Those devices work like a charm, when they work.  Previous support was really great.  Looks like most of the kinks are ironed out.  However, what it means, when something new happens, then it is really SOL situation, and potentially the people that worked on the device/system are gone.  From my limited experience with those type of errors, a lack of good error reporting is the biggest issue.  All bets are off with how/whether the issue will be solved.  This is a telephony device, and it used to be that telephony service had five nines, for me this time it was rather five days.

Again, it would be nice to have a better error reporting.  Having a list of possible errors and some explanations would be great.  It would be nice if some limited REST API was there, so custom interfaces probing for status / errors would be possible.  As it is right now, when there are problems, this is more or less like some VooDoo, not really engineering.

I will update this post after few days.


I run both OBI200 in parallel (although with different numbers) for a week or so.  During the first few days, the old one was switching status between Connected/Offline every few hours.  However, after three/four days switched to Connected and stayed there permanently.  During that on/off time, everything was OK with that "Offline" device.  It could make and receive calls without any problems.  Also embedded web server was happy all the time.

After that, I turned off the new device, and everything is as before - the old OBi200 is working fine.

I sent a couple of emails to Poly to get help, but their response was rather a joke.  They responded to the first one after five days with a garbage response, they didn't bother to respond to the second one.  Still they sent me a survey how do I rate their support.  I guess f*&^g stellar. 

I am not sure how hard it is for Poly to realize that not having a good error reporting, all similar problems are basically headache for end customers, and looks like just a manual reset on the Poly side.

Thank you all guys who helped me in the process.  If not your support, I would have given up on my old OBi200.



Those instructions worked well.  I'm pretty good at not mixing up my accounts, so that was not in play.  I did have restrictions on full management and I suspect others will run into this problem, too.


I'm running into a similar issue that jacek_ experienced last month. I've been using my Obi200 since 2015 and up until now I've been able to fix any issues that arose, but now I'm completely stuck. I know jacek_ bought a new Obi device and then everything was fine after that, but I'm trying not to buy a new device if at all possible since I'm on a limited budget.

Symptom: When someone calls me, phone doesn't ring. When trying to make outgoing call, I receive a message that there is a problem with the service provider.

Troubleshooting steps so far: Logged onto Obitalk portal, saw that there was an error: "Connect Failed  403 Forbidden. Token Error". I am running the latest 5921EX firmware. I went to my Google Voice account (legacy), deleted the Obi device from the list of forwarding devices, removed the Obitalk permissions from my Google account, deleted SP1 (the one I'm using for Google Voice) on the Obitalk website.  I re-added Google Voice into SP1, linked my Google Voice account again. Doing these steps resulted in it re-adding the Obi device to my Google Voice account that I had deleted. It stayed on "Registration Not Required" for a while but finally changed to "Connected" and I could place/receive calls again for maybe 12 or so several hours. However, the same "Connect Failed  403 Forbidden. Token Error" error has returned yet again. Obviously it's not feasible to go through this process every day.

I even found an old thread from a couple years ago stating that some issues could be caused by AT&T's DNS. Although I'm not on AT&T, I changed the DNS to anyway to see if it would help, but it didn't.

Anyone have any ideas? Really scratching my head with this one.


The best idea is to look at recent forum posts and read some of the many threads that are reporting the same problem.  Do NOT fiddle with your device or its settings as the problem is outside the control of users


Quote from: drgeoff on June 13, 2021, 03:08:53 PM
The best idea is to look at recent forum posts and read some of the many threads that are reporting the same problem.  Do NOT fiddle with your device or its settings as the problem is outside the control of users
Thanks. I had searched but I didn't all the threads on this issue, which seem to confirm what you said. Hopefully they get this fixed soon. I see SteveInWA has his contacts at Google Voice on the case.

Edit: Seem to be up and running again, and Steve said Google Voice engineers have implemented a fix.