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Five Zero Three Error

Started by abal1221, June 17, 2021, 03:30:05 PM

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Dialing outbound on my Obi200 fails with three tones and a female voice saying the called failed with error Five Zero Three
Inbound calls do not ring

My issue started around same time as Token error so I thought my issue may be related.  Based on responses to that thread, the token error appears to have been resolved.  However my issue remains.

Warranty date on my ObiDash shows device was made in 2015.  It had been running like a champ for 6 years until recently.  ;D

Verified that I show Connected in Obitalk Dashboard
Power Cycled
Confirmed sign in with GV

Deleted GV settings from Dashboard and show connected, but still cannot make or receive calls from Obi200

Manually changed DNS to,, and
Connected via USB WiFi dongle and also tried wired Ethernet

Checked my firewall (PFSense) logs which do not show any blocked inbound or outbound traffic at the time I am trying to place a cal from the Obi200

I am able to send and receive calls from GV web page using a tab in the same browser that I am logged into Obi Dashboard, so my GV account is working.  GV webpage shows last outbound from Obi200 on Wednesday June 9th


What happens when you dial the echo test number **9 222 222 222 ?


Quote from: drgeoff on June 17, 2021, 05:13:13 PM
What happens when you dial the echo test number **9 222 222 222 ?
Echo test works


I made some progress but hit another wall

Deleted the Obi 200 from the Obi Dashboard and added back as a new device.  This had an unexpected result of also clearing out the wifi settings so I had to connect via Ethernet

After going thru the setup as if a new device, I am able to make outbound calls and receive inbound on the Obi 200.  But...

Now there's no sound at either end  ???