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Network Initialization Freeze-up

Started by WA-Obi2182, December 01, 2021, 03:51:46 PM

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I've had an Obi2182 since Feb 2020.  I use it with Google Voice.  

During the time I've used it, the phone will periodically simply stop working.  When I check the obitalk page, SP1 reflects offline. The device is inaccessible by IP.  I'll attempt to bring SP1 online and I'll reboot the phone, but I can do this again and again and the phone will simply hang during the restart at the Network Initializing stage.  I've done full wifi sequential reboots, factory reset the phone, tried wireless and ethernet network connections, I've even installed an entire new network, but it keeps happening.  Eventually, perhaps days later, I'll restart the phone it will work again with SP1 back online.  Until the next time. This current iteration of the problem is among the worst.  

As FYI, FWIW, I've been through the Google Voice related firmware update.  I'm also told periodically that the call quality is awful from the other end, but it's often/generally good.

If there's someone who could help me understand what's causing this and how to cure it I would sure appreciate it.