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ObiHai Residential Page

Started by Lavarock7, April 23, 2022, 12:35:00 AM

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So the above page (residential) shows a banner about the 2XX reaching end of life:

December 18th, 2021
*** Important notice to OBiTALK customers***
Summary: OBi200, OBi202 and OBi212 have entered the End of Life phase please click here for important information and key milestones:

yet the rest of the page touts the features of the 200 and 202.

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A simplified Voip explanation:


I have a new obi already; looking for the best inexpensive service for my parent's residential line. Needs to have 911 as an option. I was looking at callcentric but they don't make it simple because you have to buy both an incoming and outgoing...seems weird. Needs to be fiddle free, they probably don't make a ton of calls - 400 min a month or less. Thanks for any advice. They need to port their number over, too. GV seems like a bit of a hassle on that part of it.



The page you are referring to seems to have conflicting information. While it mentions the end-of-life status for the OBi200, OBi202, and OBi212 devices, it still provides information and features for those products. It's best to check the link provided for more information about the end-of-life phase and any key milestones associated with it.



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