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Started by OBi-Guru, August 30, 2010, 04:46:33 PM

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I am here to help you guys with configuration questions.
Will try my best to reply as promptly as possible.

- your OBi-Guru


Pleased to be here ... now to see what we have  ;D

Love being first in line.


Nice name Maverick!

Have you tried the OBiApp on your PC, running along with Xlite?

Great to reach your home OBi from your PC, and make a further call out ...

Download from here ...

iPhone and Android apps coming soon too.


Posting for a friend who called Canada through the Trust Circle:

"So far, Canada coming in loud and clear. No disturbances.  :-)"

for more than an hour long conversation!


great product. I just got it today and got it set up within the hour! simply and easy to use.