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I have two obitalk 200s one is missing in one GV account. All the others work.

Started by Steevo1, June 21, 2023, 11:23:27 AM

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I have two Obi 200s at different locations. Each has four GV numbers.
One of the GV numbers is not working on one Obi200 though it is listed in obitalk for both Obi200 devices.

I go in the gv account and one Obi200 is listed, one is missing. I looked at the other numbers and they all have both Obi200s listed.

In the GV account there is an Android phone listed on the missing number and that works. There is no add device function in GV. Maybe that's provisioned by Obihai? And that is the provisioning they are taking down.

How can I add the second Obi200 to that one GV line? I hope if I get all the provisioned while provisioning is available this will all keep working after December.