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Obi200 loses GV connection

Started by unmesh, August 19, 2023, 10:11:13 AM

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We have two Obi200's at home, each one configured to a different GV account. Earlier today, we realized that we couldn't call out on one and the dashboard indicated that SP1 needed to be reauthenticated. Once I did that, the connection started working. The other one was fine.

Any thoughts on what might have been happened?


Just curious, do both of your GV accounts have inbound numbers to go with them? I lost one of my outbound accounts because I never got a GV number for it.



The misbehaving Obi200 needed to be recredentialled again while the other one was fine. Same firmware on both.

Could the hardware be dying?


Someone on Reddit suggested I swap power supplies in case one of the wall warts is dying and I have done so.


Quote from: unmesh on October 06, 2023, 02:16:53 PMSomeone on Reddit suggested I swap power supplies in case one of the wall warts is dying and I have done so.
And ....


Less than a day after the change, so need to wait for several more days to see if there is a cause-and-effect change.


I have only one Obi 200 configured to work with GV and for OG international calls only . Every few weeks it(Obi200)  loses connection and I have no indication until I try to make an outgoing call. Its quite frustrating in that importnat incoming calls wont get through and I wouldn't know until I make an OG call or the caller tells me on my cell phone informing me that my GV # is not working for them. This was never an issue till early 2023. Any ideas? is this early sign of no more support for GV by Obi? 


Is it the Voip.Ms connecting dropping? I sometimes see my connection to their server stop working and I either reboot or change the connection. For example, I might be connected to SanJose3 and have to change to SanJose2. For some reason my Obi does not always seem to recover on it's own. I am using a 2182 desk phone so I have an indicator light showing that particular line is not connected. I started to do forum searches to see how to have a backup registration server configured, but have not yet done so. Voip.Ms now used Cloudflare in front of their servers, so I can't ping to see which are faster for me as I used to.
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Quote from: sportflyer on October 25, 2023, 11:34:45 AMis this early sign of no more support for GV by Obi? 

FYI.  Once you have configured your OBi to work with your chosen Internet Telephony Service Provider(s), the Obihai servers play no further part. With one exception no call signalling or call audio goes through any facility operated by or on behalf of Obihai/Poly/HP.  The exeception is calls using the Obitalk network, ie those dialled using the **9 prefix followed by the 9 digit OBi number.  I expect those calls will cease to function after 18 December 2023.