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no google voice #

Started by flink, November 29, 2023, 01:21:33 PM

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I purchased an Obi200 5 yrs ago and set it up via GoogleVoice using my  landline number (by way of temporary cell phone). I now want to port it to a cellphone provider because of EOL issue, and I need the account and PIN#. But GoogleVoice says I have no GV(phone/acct)# or PIN and since I never used any other GV features, this is possible-I don't remember. Do I need to first acquire a GV# and have that unlocked and ported out? Difficult to sort out because both GV and Obitalk do not have direct info lines, and budget cell phone providers don't provide much info either.



2.  Log in to  At top right does it show a phone number under "Call as"?


I don't remember about "Call as"# on screen, because since yesterday (appreciate your prompt reply), I chose to acquire a new GV phone# using my unrelated cell phone, by which I could then reset PIN as well. But when I tried to link the new GV phone/acct# with my old landline/Obihai#, a red high-lighted message appeared,"This [landline] phone# can't be used to verify a new account because it's [already] managed by Google (eg Project Fi, Google Voice). Try verifying with another number." So my new acct/phone# is linked only with my cell phone, which is useless for porting out purposes, and yes, it does now show "Call as"-new GV phone# on opening screen.  I just deleted my new GV phone# and opening screen no longer shows "Call as" anything. I then tried using my landline# to obtain a new GV phone# but got the same red message as above.