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Some one Please help

Started by ragshtc, December 02, 2023, 10:48:14 AM

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I bought new OBI300 from Amazon. Connected it to my router. Able to go past Echo test. When it comes to add a device, and dialing **5 4567, it says No call route available to complete this call error mesage.

I have put OBI300 in DNZ mode.

when I go the obi ip address , and open it, i can see my mac address, S?N # and OBI # are listed there.

Please help


Sold by Amazon or sold by someone else using the Amazon shop front?

AIUI no OBis have been manufactured for at least two years.  Also most OBi300s were purchased by ITSPs for supply to their customers as locked devices which do not use the consumer Obitalk portal.

HP will release the OBi400 at some point in time.  It will not support the free version of GV.