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GVWS OBI302 second line setup?

Started by SSAG, December 13, 2023, 12:54:45 PM

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I have a OBI302 with full unrestricted access.
I am using GV Standard WS.
I have 2 lines I need to provision to the device.

The first main line provisioned fine entering the MAC at google desktop phones.

I assume there is a secondary MAC for the second port and can't figure it out.

Or if it is easier to put both lines on port 1 I can do that too then split them out physically. I am just not fining the info to do this. Either I find really outdated info or "I found and answer" then never said what they did.



You can only provision one (Workspace) Google Voice number on a Poly device, regardless of how many Service Provider configurations it supports.

The device's MAC address is assigned to the user, not to a number. It simply uses whatever Google Voice phone number is licensed to that user.