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can someone please help me?

Started by Ressill, February 23, 2024, 12:35:50 AM

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can someone please help me with my obihai200? I have freephoneline with obihai, everything was working fine. Light went off in my house and when it came back, I notice my homephone is not working. I get first light flashing red, middle light flashing green and no light on the phone line. I checked my ip for the obi and when I went on the ip, its ask me "Select file to update firmware" press update to start process.
I guess somehow firm has got corrupted. any hint?
I downloaded the firmware and uploaded, obi reboots after upload but then it goes into same mode. everytime I go to ip, it asksed me to upload a file. is my hardware gone?


Try installing firmware from
Title: Re: EOL for OBi 200, 202 and 212
Post by: dathbe on April 05, 2024, 01:49:54 AM
Update - I managed to install the 5921 firmware from, and that seemed to be more stable.  I was then able to flash the uboot (6259) firmware, and finally the arrynrob (8680EX) firmware.

Once I got the arrynrob firmware installed, I got a dial tone!!!

Some have been able to bring their devices back using those firmware. If those don't install as well, your device is cooked.