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Obi202 "not responding" to for incoming calls but works fine otherwise

Started by twalp, April 12, 2024, 02:41:10 PM

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twalp is our service provider. Sometime in the past week or two we noticed that incoming calls were going to voicemail or being forwarded to a cell number because of a hunt group setting that forwards calls to a cell if the phone connected to the ATA isn't answered. support replied that their logs say for recent calls: "Status is 'Channel not available' Failover due to 'Unreachable' status". During those incoming test calls I am logged into the Obi and can see them in Call Status and Call History. Outgoing calls work fine. Is this a known failure mode?  Should I give up on this Obi202 and order a Grandstream HT802 or equiv, or is it worth troubleshooting or factory resetting and reconfiguring?


Do a bit more troubleshooting.

For incoming calls what does the 202's Call History show as the destination?  The "To" in the right hand column?  It should be "ph" or "ph1" or acceptable variation.  If not, why not and what is it showing?

If it showing the destination as the phone port that has a phone plugged in, observe while an incoming call is being made.  Does the appropriate Phone LED on the OBi202 blink?  If yes but the phone is not ringing suspect the phone.  Ringer turned off?  Ringer faulty? Try another phone.