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strange result when calling thru other numbers

Started by bill-cary, April 17, 2024, 06:47:37 PM

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I have an OBI 200 with 4 configured numbers. I can call any one of them with my cell. If I dial my cell phone using the default (#1) it works. If I call using **1 + cell # it works. If I call from any other #, using **3 + cell # for example, I get a message that the person's voicemail hasn't been set up yet. What is going on???


Quote from: bill-cary on April 17, 2024, 06:47:37 PMWhat is going on???

Have you set up voicemail on your cell phone?

If so, have you checked your OBi's Call history to be sure all calls are going to the correct number?

If not, is your cell phone set up with conditional call forwarding back to your GV account?

Do you see the calls that go straight to voicemail in your cell phone's call history?

Are the 3 numbers in question configured as Contacts on your cell phone?

Is your cell phone set up so that unknown numbers (non Contacts) go straight to voicemail?