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"DetectOutboundConnectMethod" setting inconsistency ?

Started by lk96, January 12, 2012, 12:05:53 PM

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I noticed the above the possible settings to the above option in
ObiTalk differ from what is available when connecting directly to the Obi device locally.

For example: when accessing the Obi config page directly, one
of the possible settings for DetectOutboundConnectMethod is "Assumed connected after a short delay".
However, when going through Obitalk the above value is not offered as an option.

Followup question is: what would be the effective setting on the Obi device ?
I assume it will be what I get when going to the Obi device directly and not what
Obitalk says ?

can someone clarify why there is the above inconsistent setting and whether my interpretation
about effective value is correct ?




The OBi100/110 is a standalone unit.  The only settings that really count are those in the OBi device itself.  The OBiTALK Web Portal is simply a remote configuration facility that sends settings to the OBi.

"Assume connected after a short delay" is a DetectOutboundConnectMethod that was recently added in the OBi.  Obviously, Obihai failed to update the OBiTALK Web Portal with this new configuration option.

This is one of many reasons I prefer to configure the OBi directly rather than indirectly through the OBiTALK Web Portal.  You must use one method or the other.

If you elect to configure the OBi directly, you must set:

System Management -> Auto Provisioning -> ITSP Provisioning -> Method : Disabled
System Management -> Auto Provisioning -> OBiTALK Provisioning -> Method : Disabled

or the OBiTALK Web Portal will overwrite any changes you make directly.